Modern Commercial Logistics Solution

Commerciality · Commonality · Mobility · Scalability · Modularity · Affordability

ATLAS Family of Vehicles

The ND Defense ATLAS is a highly common, scalable, and modular platform that can handle the full spectrum of mission roles, from long-range highway logistics to navigating severe off-road trails. It combines proven common militarized platforms with advanced commercial technologies, resulting in superior capabilities at a lower cost.

ATLAS HD Load Handling System
ATLAS HD Off-Road Tractor
ATLAS LT Cargo Vehicle
ATLAS HD On-Highway Tractor

Armored Protection Kit

When the situation warrants, ATLAS can morph into an incredibly mobile, highly survivable, easily transportable, aggressive tactical vehicle that no doubt can handle the extremes of military missions, all while maintaining the commercial pedigree and all the sustainment benefits that come along with a mass-produced vehicle.

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