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ND Defense is a vehicle and contract manufacturer that services commercial original equipment manufacturers and government customers worldwide. We are committed to maximizing lean manufacturing and providing the best value proposition to our customers. We leverage our in-depth knowledge to provide innovative platforms, quality products, and turnkey solutions to meet customer demands.

Since 2003, ND Defense has built more than 43,000 military tactical and logistics support vehicles by leveraging more than 100 years commercial truck engineering and manufacturing experience.


ND Defense’s engineers work to develop and improve vehicles, subsystems, and components to ensure ease of manufacturing. These dedicated professionals are devoted to advancing our knowledge and using that learning to create better products for our customers.


ND Defense has the capability and capacity to produce thousands of vehicles a year and can apply that manufacturing expertise to a variety of products.

Supply Chain

ND Defense has access to an established supply base and industry network. We leverage our portfolio to best offer value stream solutions from suppliers we know and trust.


ND Defense adheres to quality manufacturing processes to ensure we get the job right the first time. We have dedicated teams to ensure quality during and at the end of production. We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

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